Settling the Body, Speech, and Mind 


1) Adopt the 7-Point Body Posture

2) Practice Belly Breathing for a few moments. 

3) Bring your Body, Speech, and Mind to rest, by placing your attention on 

            a) Sensing the living sensations of your body. Simply “let go” and experience the full “aliveness” of your “living-ness.” 

            b) Listening to all sounds occurring, both within yourself and outside yourself, and 

            c) Opening your visual awareness into the space surrounding you. 

4) At first, “effort” must be exerted in sensing, listening, and opening. Then, simply let go and “rest” in the sensing, listening, and opening. 

5) Let whatever arises, arise. Whether it be an external appearance (through the senses of sight, sound, smell, sensation, or taste) or an internal appearance (thoughts and emotions), simply let it appear like a cloud in the sky, without holding onto it, and then let it dis-appear like clouds dissipating in the sky. 

6) Rest and Enjoy!