A WILD Technique

(Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming)


1. After waking in the middle of the night, set your intention to have a lucid dream.

2. Lie in shavasana (“corpse pose,” where you lie on your back with your arms and hands at your sides, palm up).

3. If you didn’t engage in Yogic Recapitulation before you originally went to sleep, do it now. This praxis releases unconscious mental and emotional tensions.

4. Next, go through the Dynamic Relaxation technique. This praxis releases unconscious muscular tensions.

5. Let your awareness gently permeate your physical body with the Body Scan Praxis. 

6. Begin counting, asking yourself between each number “Am I dreaming?”

i.e. “1, Am I dreaming? 2, Am I dreaming? 3, Am I dreaming? etc.

At any point along these practices (#2-6), you may find yourself entering the “hypnogogic state” (the state between wakefulness and sleep where visual images and/or auditory sounds will appear).

7. As you enter the hypnogogic state, feel as though your physical body is becoming very fluid, like melted butter, and is melting into the bed.

8. As your body is melting down, raise your awareness up and out of your body. There are various techniques to accomplish this. One such technique is called the “Rope Trick” - imagine a rope hanging down from above and with your imagination and sensation (the Dragon & Tiger Formula), “reach up” to grab it and pull yourself out of your body.

9. After exiting, “hover” above your body, recognizing that your physical body is in bed while your awareness is hovering above your bed in a “dream body” (which may, or may not, be a “body” at all!).

10. Fly!