Dream Weaver





Lemon Balm

Ingredients & their Benefits:*


· Classified as an herbal oneirogen, from the Greek ὄνειρος (óneiros meaning "dream" and gen "to create”) 


Damiana Leaf:     

· Claimed to create more vivid imagery while dreaming

· May increase the ability to lucid dream



· May improve sleep quality

· Relieves anxiety & depression

· Boosts immune health

· May lower blood sugar levels

· May promote digestive health

· May improve heart health



· May help facilitate lucid dreaming

 May help improve memory

· May help reduce stress

· May lower blood sugar levels

· May promote digestive health

· Fights bacterial infections


Lemon Balm:      

· May help facilitate lucid dreaming

· Helps relieve stress

· Helps to reduce anxiety

· May boost cognitive function

· Eases insomnia and other sleep disorders


Marc to Menstruum Ratio:    1 : 12 

ABV (Alcohol By Volume):   45 - 50%

Praxis:  A WILD Technique 


Warnings: As with any herbal supplement, Apollo’s Lyre Dream Weaver tincture may negatively interact with pharmaceutical medications. Individuals should always consult their health care provider prior to starting any new exercise program or administering any tinctures or other suggestions made by Apollo’s Lyre.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Some of the above information on the benefits of each of the herbs contained in the tincture is taken from https://www.healthline.com/. Links to the scientific studies, located in the National Library of Medicine, backing the claims made can be found through the above link.