Belly Breathing 

Adopt the 7-Point Body Posture

Beginning Belly Breathing: 

· Breathe gently, bringing the air deep down into your lungs. Imagine the lungs extending all the way down into your belly (abdomen). 

· Now imagine that your abdomen is a spherical ball. With each inhalation, the ball expands horizontally on all sides and with each exhalation, the ball contracts. 

· While breathing, keep your attention on the sensation of your belly rather than your chest and shoulders. 

· Do not move your shoulders while you breathe. The shoulders should remain still while the belly expands and contracts. 

· Continue breathing in this fashion for as long as you’d like. 


Advanced Belly Breathing: 

· Inhale soft, slow, and deep for a count of four. 

· Relax and exhale gently and slowly to a count of six. 

· Continue breathing in this way for the next few minutes, or as long as you’d like.