Liver Harmony

Dandelion Root


Milk Thistle

Burdock Root

Ingredients & their Benefits:*

Dandelion Root:

· Contains potent antioxidants

· Aids in blood sugar management

· Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels

· Helps fight inflammation

· Lowers blood pressure

· Promotes liver health



· Boosts the immune system

· May have anti-cancer properties

· May reduce fatigue & depression

· May decrease blood sugar

· May increase HDL (good) cholesterol

· May decrease triglycerides


Milk Thistle Seeds:

· May help promote liver cell regeneration

· May reduce inflammation

· May help protect against liver disease progression

· May prolong life in people with alcoholic cirrhosis

· Has strong antioxidant properties


Burdock Root:

· Rich in antioxidants

· Removes toxins from the blood

· Helps fight inflammation

· Has antibacterial properties

· May inhibit certain types of cancer


Marc to Menstruum Ratio:    1 : 5 

ABV (Alcohol By Volume):   45 - 50%

Praxis:  Settling the Body, Speech, & Mind 


Warnings: As with any herbal supplement, Apollo’s Lyre Liver Harmony tincture may negatively interact with pharmaceutical medications. Individuals should always consult their health care provider prior to starting any new exercise program or administering any tinctures or other suggestions made by Apollo’s Lyre. Burdock Root should be avoided by pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant.

Apollo’s Lyre Liver Harmony tinctures are hand-crafted in small batches and blessed with healing mantras throughout the entire production process. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information on the benefits of each of the herbs contained in the tincture is taken from Links to the scientific studies, located in the National Library of Medicine, backing the claims made can be found through the above link.