7-Point Body Posture 

The 7-Point Body Posture is a traditional asana (posture) used in Tibetan yogic and meditation exercises. The 7 Points are: 

1) Sit on a cushion with the legs crossed. If this is uncomfortable, you may simply sit on a chair with the feet flat on the ground. 

2) Keep your spine straight and aligned. 

3) The hands may rest in your lap, 4 finger-widths below the navel. As an alternative, you may place them, palms down, on your knees or thighs. 

4) Open the chest by gently bringing back your shoulders and elbows. 

5) Lengthen the back of the neck by tucking the chin a bit. 

6) Place the tip of the tongue on the upper palette. 

7) The eyes remain open, gazing downward on a 45-degree angle. 


Practicing breathing, imaginal, and non-conceptual exercises in the 7-Point Body Posture is said to bring benefit by harmonizing the elemental energies within oneself.